Hello and welcome! Yes, that's me in the center. Believe me, it's not easy being squeezed like that.

My photography is based in Riverside, California. I cater mostly to the Southern California market but I also travel within and out of state for clients.

My Background
My passion for photography hit me when I was in my teens. I had my first SLR, Yashica FX3 at 17, and about 6 years later, my Nikon F3 HP, Nikon's flagship at that time. That was decades ago. Then there was a period when I was also shooting with medium format (Mamiya 645 ProTL and Mamiya 645E). I switched to digital just when I thought the level of resolution, quality of the digital image, and the convenience of the digital systems were enough to outweigh the advantages of medium format. I now use Canon EOS DSLR cameras and Canon L-series lenses. Yup, I crossed over from the dark side to the beautiful side. Sorry Nikonians, lol.

Most of my knowledge is self-taught, including my digital darkroom skills. My creative instincts and love of photography serve as the engine. One very important basic thing I learned about photography is the importance of the mastery of one's equipment. To be a good photographer, you have to know what your tools can and can not do for you; what features serve you best when doing the things that you do. A 5 grand camera is no different than a paper weight if you do not even know how to turn it on. Now that's kind of an extreme description, isn't it? But you get the picture.

Whatever I have, have been added to and refined over years of shooting. I certainly picked up a lot of things along the way. I get inspiration from reading, or from what I see whether from nature or from other photographers and artists. The key is to act on those things that inspire, and get the knowledge and experience in the process. But there is always a lot to learn. That's what is exciting about photography. No matter how good you are, you don't know everything.

I am inspired by the artful portraiture of Walter Iooss Jr. and the way he makes beautiful women look even more beautiful; David Hobby and Bob Davis for extending the frontiers in the use of speedlights in almost any kind of scene.

My Philosophy
I am always in pursuit of the “perfect image". The chase never really ends. And so does the thrill! You can say I'm hooked for life. I’m also driven by my belief that a great image is waiting to be discovered Anywhere, in Anything, and in Anyone. It just needs to be found. As my photography evolved over the years, I have come to believe that photography is not so much about what you see than it is a way of seeing. The most important element of any photographic system is the mind and its vision. Without that blueprint, without that vision, without that way of seeing, the photography isn't going anywhere. While having stuff is desirable, equipment are not the be-all to my photography; they are but just tools to help me achieve my vision. It's not about what you have, but how you use it. Lastly, it's not about the places you've been to, it's what you've brought back.

Passion versus Business
My photography is a personal passion first. All other considerations are secondary. If you love what you do, it shows in the product. And if you are the client, would you not want to have a photographer who is truly passionate at what he does? Of course you do. Talk to me if you think I can better tell your story. Most likely, together we can make things happen.

For the photo stock buyers, I also carry stock images that are available for licensing.

In parting, please allow me to share with you this beautiful quote from Ansel Adams, the greatest landscape photographer and darkroom master the world has ever had:

"We don't make a photograph with just a camera.
We bring to the act of photography all the books we have read,
all the movies we have seen, the music we have heard, the people we have loved."

That pretty much sums up what I am about.
Thank you for visiting, and I hope my images have inspired you.

Joseph Tupas

My Vision. Your Story.
Light Crafter Photography